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May 20, 2022 10:20 am
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By: Steve Hydonus

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By: Steve Hydonus

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By: Steve Hydonus

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By: Steve Hydonus
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 on: Today at 01:14 am 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by 1Houston
Pics!! Show me pictures!


 on: Today at 01:08 am 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by 1Houston
I agree. I was also thinking about this today, after reading your post- by working with our "self" we have an opportunity to understand where irritability, impatience and frustration come from. If we've learned, and often lessons need repeated for many of us, we can navigate through "dark presences" with understanding. A devotee of God may even exude compassion when confronted by intolerance which has the ability to transcend energy. In either case, God is the best teacher and best suited to handle the individuals spiritual needs at any moment in time. 

So what are some things that cause these dark presences to find another's joy insufferable? It is unhappiness within. Contributing factors include... Excess media. Poor diet choices. Disconnect from nature. Excessive thoughts of self beyond basic needs. Stifling or suppression of ones personality. Lack of understanding.

We learn, as you've said in your initial post, that breaks or space allow new opportunities. Sometimes a simple change in routine allows opportunities otherwise unforeseeable. I've experienced this without having to walk away from challenging relationships. However, sometimes the best thing we can do is walk away which I've also experienced. We may eventually find peace and understanding towards those who've wished us harm or have disappeared. Without callous feeling, it may be that the "negativity" of another is actually meant to serve another person or that the landscape needed exploring. This could mean, from our overtly joyous state, we are incorrectly labeling another person as "negative" or even a "dark presence."

It is good to remember, there is no right or wrong in the grand scheme of things. In 3D in relation to the individuals journey- there is right and there is wrong. In God consciousness, in deep spiritual understanding ultimately- what one calls right is right and what one calls wrong is also right. Both people are right, even if they say the other is wrong. It was for them to do so in order to grow closer to God.

What I am trying to do, as a practice- is keep the beauty alive even for those who've created disturbances in my life. For the lovers who have left me without a sound- for the friends who've accosted me in their frustrations- for the coworkers and family whose actions I've found intolerable... I hold on to the memories where there was harmony- should these individuals ever resurface(in thought or in person) I wish to speak nicely about them and keep Love Alive. God will move me accordingly, based on my vibratory state. And I think- extracting the sweet from the sour may relieve the other person, even if we are not meant to be in each others lives. It does not mean I have forgotten the experience of "sour" or trying to force my way in that persons life-it only means that I recognize the lessons from our time together and keep my heart light when the energy creeps into my awareness.

Thank you for the introspection Brother.

Kind regards~

 on: Today at 12:22 am 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by mccoy
Steve, as you wrote in another post, countries have joined together to punch back at the aggressor, as in Yogananda's prophecy.

This is the situation in advanced Dwapara and it was clear enough that it would have happened, considering the Crimea events in 2014.

The only one who was blinded by his own greed for power and did not foresee the events was Putin himself.

 on: May 19, 2022 09:30 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus

Poland says it will help Sweden, Finland if they're attacked before NATO accession

 on: May 19, 2022 06:22 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
Just been spending time understanding how to use various wild food and water sources for sustaining us…. When for instance we are going through difficult world times or seek to ‘go light’ on camping trips.

 on: May 19, 2022 06:01 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
Need to make a comment here about friction. When we are truly happy and feel the exhilaration of spirit bubbling up inside, the negativity that we may feel around us seems quite insignificant and we are so caught up in the happiness of life that we tend to blow off most of the static that tries to spoil our relationships. Dark presences find that happiness and joy are intolerable and often either brighten up or leave because the vibration is annoying to them.

 on: May 19, 2022 05:27 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
Just seeing this thread, nice photo.

Yea lots of things to eat right in the woods around here… Mushrooms, Trout Lilies and Wild Ramps. Added to the fact that if you are on a several day hiking and camping trip you can use a compact water filter to drink right out of the streams while for instance in the Manistee Forest.

 on: May 18, 2022 06:06 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by 1Houston
Just seeing this thread, nice photo.

 on: May 18, 2022 06:05 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by 1Houston
I found a really cool shell at Galveston. I showed it to Dad and he said it was a fossilized fish fin. It's up for debate, but the fish has been on my mind...
Not without great trial mind you. I feel like I am navigating deep understanding- at the same time, I am being tested on how to practice this understanding when pressure is applied. For example- my accidentally drinking jasmine tea last night triggered heart palpitations- sleeping on my left side continued the palpitations throughout the night and has given me insomnia(the second time this week). After a serious bout of mysterious ailments(3 months of debilitating episodes) and years of left side pain, I have had to recover through drastic lifestyle changes. So drastic that any tiny deviation triggers prolonged suffering. Like drinking tea at night. Being able to see things clearly, on a deeper level, while trying to practice Love for those around me has been a huge test. Like allowing others comfortable in their understanding of 3D to flourish within the system, while operating and opening up to a totally different system myself. Understanding that All is God and wherever one finds themself it is perfectly alright- while reining in the excitement of my own personal journey so as not to impose. My restless mind also tries to provoke indulgent habits that have later been understood as detrimental to happy and compassionate living. Just a ton of insight, a ton of pressure- it certainly feels like the fish is teaching me how to navigate the waters, whether in turbulent times or smooth.

Before the Christians adopted religious fish symbols, the Great Mother Goddess (another name for the fish) was acknowledged by the Celts and other pagan cultures throughout Europe and the other continents.

The Chinese Great Mother Kwan-yin is depicted as a fish while the Indian goddess Kali was known as the “fish-eyed one.” Isis, the Egyptian universal goddess, was named the Great Fish of the Abyss.

The Japanese folklore speaks of the catfish symbolism. Namazu, the giant catfish bringer of earthquakes, is an important figure of Japan’s mythology.  In Ancient Greece, the goddess Aphrodite was celebrated on Fridays when they ate fish.

Fish Spirit Animal
When the fish spirit animal appears in your life, it brings a message of hope, and it empowers you to make the right decisions.

The fish also brings the power of the water depths. People guided by the fish spirit have tremendous psychic powers and authority. Your spirit guide urges you to make use of these abilities.

Fish spirit animal meaning is also linked to emotional healing.

 on: May 18, 2022 05:42 pm 
Started by Steve Hydonus - Last post by Steve Hydonus
I started this thread because our Brother Eric has had so may profound experiences with various stages of consciousness. Most notably various forms of dreams.

Active Imagination in Contemporary Psychology
In contemporary psychology, the term active imagination is most commonly associated with a tendency to have a very creative and present imagination rather than with the Jungian process. However, dream analysts may still use the process of active imagination to help people understand the meaning of their dreams, resolve hidden interpersonal conflicts, and work past pressures placed on the conscious ego by the unconscious mind.


Active imagination. (n.d.). Jung.org. Retrieved from http://www.jung.org/Staples.html
Jungian active imagination and hypnagogia. (n.d.). The Mystical Experience Registry. Retrieved from http://www.bodysoulandspirit.net/hypnagogia/what/define.shtm


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