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The energy we put out returns to us.

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By: Jitendra Hydonus

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Author Topic: The energy we put out returns to us.  (Read 172 times)
Jitendra Hydonus
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« on: May 04, 2011 10:25 am »

Hi Steve !
I have an interesting story on this topic.
My wife's family follow satya sai baba. My mother-in-law  regularly visit Puttaparthi and  hold functions at home.
I had aversion for him with the magic he shows and negative reports in media. My wife put a calender of him in
our meditation room. So when I do aarti of God and gurus I have to include him too. Obviously I don't like it.
But after sometime I thought he is a human also made in the image of GOD as our GURU PY says. So I keep doing it.
And the negative feeling has come down somewhat. I don't know what he has done I leave it to GOD as it all is his play.
My wife has changed views about it as she came in contact with Sri Ranjan kumar sinha.

I read a book of Michel graham in which he mentioned about satya sai. These teleporting powers do exist and one can learn it-
he mentioned. But you can do it on a good day but not all the times as disclosed by a closed associate of satya sai.
We had interaction with Madhwanand who used to come to our house and shown many of these powers. My whole family
was charmed. I was a kid then. But after sometimes he lost his powers and the charm too.

I met one Sardari thakur , a humble priest of Oderaghat kali temple. So gentle and humble but with the power to change
person & destiny. He was so gentle that my father put him on some errands as looking after the food preparation in my
brother's marriage and he was doing it lovingly.


u have some good points here. When i was in my early 20's Maharaji was very popular in the states.  u could hardly go to any of the medium size cities in the  states and not find one of his groups and his mahatmas who gave 'the knowledge" and 'the nectar' to his disciples. The United States has many fads but very few people stick to some of these movements and see them thru. But of course their r those who would also go down with the ship if there was not some unsettling news to disquiet them. Any how; After some years it fizzled out and now u do not see his places anywhere. i was always a bit skeptical about it all. But i remember people talking about nothing but Maharaji. Anyhow he ended up getting married to an airline stewardess and there were difficult inner turmoils in his family situation. These plus other contributing factors made many have cold feet about the movement. And..... i learned an important lesson in the process; not to criticize the position in place and time of others in their spiritual unfoldment and progression.

i agree with u; it is all up to God and his lila. How can we fathom these situations? People vibrate at a frequency that attracts to them energies associated with that frequency. Let us feel fortunate if we have been graced by high vibrating souls who have graced us and leave the rest to time and God. The charm and power that some people bring with them when they come into this life was developed in episodes remote to the present incarnation and in other lives. These 'gifts' can easily be misused and then wear thin on us as we have seen with many talented musicians and spiritual magnets here and abroad. We ourselves often find that souls who once attracted us  just no longer have the spiritual charisma to keep our interests at the degree they were at one time. The talents run their karmic course and time line and then fizzle out. Letting some doors close naturally invites us to new horizons unanticipated.

In the aftermath of what has happened, we can often observe the same energy we ourselves put out, which perhaps disillusioned others. It is difficult to at first see this. When we look in the mirror long enough we see we have created everything that we encountered in our lives. Those things that bother us most in others r in ourselves. Otherwise they would not b there to show us. When we accept it as our own and embrace it with love and forgiveness for ourselves we move to the next level. This reality will always serve as a disassembling reminder of the illusion of our attentive attachments here.

God does not sit in judgement but rather our own behavior and actions follow us until we experience what we have put out. We all have many karmic lessons in this life. We can only work on our own while we can't help but see the law of cause and effect working its weaving web around the lives of others around us as well. After lifetimes of seeing just how the energy we put out returns to us we begin to have more compassion when we see this phenomena happen in others as well. When our wisdom is developed enough, the understanding begins and often people come into our lives of a higher energy frequency who help us with this understanding. We become more impressed by what people are rather then what they display. The ego often comes up with simple explanations that rationalize its continuing existence; Neglecting to recognize the endless facets of unfoldment that exist in the depths of God's wisdom.

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