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Title: Master Numbers
Post by: Steve Hydonus on Jun 07, 2021 06:08 am

Master numbers in Numerology

In Numerology all numbers are reduced down to a single digit, with the exception of 11, 22 and 33. These are the master numbers and can be a powerful force in your chart. They require more patience and effort to integrate into your personality but offer huge potential as a reward. These numbers will give you far more information than their single counterparts can offer but they are not always a blessing!

Just as I was writing this I looked at the time and it is 11:11.

The Number 11 (Eleven)

The first master number, the 11 is highly intuitive. It offers spiritual insight and sensitivity combined with charisma and leadership qualities. It is a teacher, both uplifting and inspirational. Yet the 11 is a dreamer and not given to logical thinking. Instead it relies on faith. The 11 excels in the arts thanks to its natural ability to express its creativity. It can teach and guide others but can be given to extremes. The 11 needs to have a purpose or it can be fearful and paranoid. While it has the ability to achieve incredible things, it also has the potential to destroy itself. It needs to be occupied and fulfilled because boredom soon sets it onto a course of self-destruction. It is dramatic and prone to being irrational but if the 11ís potential is truly harnessed it can lead to great enlightenment.