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Title: Attraction and Repulsion
Post by: Jitendra Hydonus on Sep 22, 2016 07:51 pm
Attraction/Repulsion  This is 1 of the most interesting expressions of duality.
 People have atraction followed by repulsions towards us. This is not a good
or bad thing but a result of duality we get caught up in. It shows  a rather
inexperienced expression of spirituality because we are still always
looking for a new thrill to satisfy us or we think to ourselves I don't
have to take that.

When someone is affected by us in this we must be aware that spirit
is opening new growing experiemces for us if we are receptive and
do not hold on to  old wore out living conditions. Our guides often
give us more by taking people out of our lives because it opens
us up to the universe and we realize what we have that we have
missed along the way.

when we get rid of our likes and dislikes then we will know what God wants us to do. Otherwise we are not receptive. Our likes and dislikes are solely responsible for our bondage to the body.

What attracts people to each other and then also seems to have this nasty habit of turning into repulsion? Ah have u seen it happen in your life and the lives of those around us also?

Is it to be avoided? Often we see others react to us with 'love' and 'friendship' only to express scorn, contempt or the 'silent treatment' later. Is it we cannot really trust the enthusiasm others may have for us because the energy also has a contrary polarity?  Or is it that we really are not as spiritual and good as they had thought and it just took a while for them to find out how human we are. Atraction and repulsion are expressed in duality which is a fundamental manifestation of this creation.
Can humans rise above this and express spiritual love?

Title: Re: Attraction and Repulsion
Post by: Rod Sterling on Sep 22, 2016 10:39 pm
The reality that we often create in the auditorium of our own heads is an explanation for events that quite often others do not show the capacity to even entertain.They cut links with the past and do not think about it till such time they have found obstacles in the present that limit their options. A rather selfish outlook but the limits of the mind are the imagination itself.

Title: Re: Attraction and Repulsion
Post by: Jitendra Hydonus on Sep 22, 2016 10:56 pm
Well we can only have hope that there may be a mutation in the autistc spectrum that led to such relationship disorders. Perhaps an understanding that original intentions were the primary motivations and best intentions and actions should not be lost forever because of occasional social blunders. A little bell goes off in the auditorium of our heads and we are reminded once again of what Ramana Maharshi said; we should go back to the original thought and that is I. What is this I that has created all these internal repurcussions? All these thoughts will soon vanish as we go deeper and deeper into this one thought; what and who is this I?